Saving Money On Loan Interest

I have never been much of a spender, but when I started investing in real estate, I knew that I had found my calling. I was capable of turning a simple loan into a large return, and it was really fantastic to see my efforts pay off. Unfortunately, sometimes money was tight, and I found myself taking out loans to invest in new deals. However, I was able to learn a few tricks of the trade to save money on loan interest, such as limiting the payback timeline and perfecting my credit. This blog is all about saving you money on interest.

Selling Gold To Make Some Fast Cash


Do you have a bill coming up that you do not have the funds to pay? If getting a loan is out of the question for you, consider selling something in your household that has value. For instance, if you have any gold jewelry that you do not mind getting rid of, selling it to a gold buyer is a good way to get some cash. Depending on the type of gold you have, it is possibly worth a lot of money that gold buyers are willing to pay for, in a timely fashion. Gold buyers are also willing to purchase other types of gold items as long as they are valuable. 

Which Types of Gold Items Are Acceptable?

The types of gold items that a buyer accepts will depend on which buyer you choose. However, due to the high value of gold, it is common for most buyers to accept all types of gold items. For instance, there is a high chance that your gold jewelry will be accepted as long as it is real gold and not another type of metal that was painted gold. Real gold dental items might be accepted as well, such as gold teeth that are worn for fashion. Buyers commonly accept gold coins and various other items as well.

Can Gold Be Sent to a Buyer Via the Mail?

Fortunately, most buyers are willing to accept gold that was sent via the mail. However, you should ask in advance if mailing your gold is acceptable, as there are buyers who would prefer customers to visit their actual business location. If mailing your gold via the mail is acceptable, be sure to double-check the address information to ensure that your package does not go to the wrong address. You might also want to make sure your package is trackable.

How Much Money Are Buyers Willing to Pay?

What you are offered for your gold will depend on the value that it has at the time it is sold. For instance, your gold might be more valuable on one day than it is on a different day. The reason is that the value of gold fluctuates. The weight of your gold and overall appraisal will determine what you are offered. Depending on if the gold is sold in person or via the mail, you will receive cash upfront or a check in the mail from most buyers.

Contact a local gold buyer to learn more. 


13 January 2023