Saving Money On Loan Interest

Transparency And Investments: Why It Is Important To Investors

When an investor is choosing investments for their portfolio, it is important for them to choose those investments that have a solid history of transparent financial reporting. A full disclosure of all financial information leads to less risk, more trust, and an overall stronger portfolio for the investor. The following are some of the important aspects of transparency when it comes to investing:

Importance of Transparency in Financial Reporting

Transparency with regard to financial reporting includes providing accurate documentation available to those involved with a transaction. This includes high-quality financial statements that are clear, easy to understand, and candid. To make a sound investment, you need this information about all companies you are considering.

The more financial information you have on your investments, the more certainty you have that have made sound investment decisions. When financial statements are not transparent to investors, they can never be 100 percent certain about …

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How To Pay Down Your Debt Quickly

Getting into debt is fairly simple to do. With all of the promotional offers given out these days, from zero interest for extended periods of time, to percentages off your purchase each time you shop, it can be very easy to fall prey to over-extending yourself with credit and loans. Some loans and credit are necessary to have (such as those offered by Community Resource Bank), as things happen in life that you can’t always prepare for. To pay off those loans or credit cards, you may have to make a few changes to your lifestyle and how you pay your bills. See below for helpful tips on how to pay down your debt quickly. 

Get Organized

Grab all of the bills that you have outstanding and organize them. Put your utility bills into a pile and then your credit card bills, loan bills and doctor bills into another …

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How To Winterize Your Outside ATM

If you own a few ATMs that you keep outside, or if you own an ATM that is located outside of your business, you’ll want to winterize it before it starts to get really cold. The dampness and coldness of winter can damage your ATM, which is not good for business. Here are a few tips that will help you winterize your ATM.

Keep Your ATM Sheltered

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your ATM is sheltered and protected from the elements. You don’t want water to get into your machine; it can easily get into the little gaps around the keypad on your ATM machine. 

If you don’t have one already, invest in a kiosk to protect your ATM from direct exposure to rain and snow during the winter months. This will allow you to get more use out of your ATM and will …

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Four Ways A Cash Advance Can Help Get Your Small Business Off The Ground

Most people think of cash advances as a way for individuals who are having money troubles to pay personal debts such as rent and bills. Cash advances can actually be advantageous for those who are starting out a new small business as well. Here are four reasons a cash advance might be the right option for you to get your small business off the ground.

1. Money for Product Fulfillment

If you have a business that deals with getting inventory out the door, your orders might be coming in faster than you can produce a product. If you are guaranteed turnaround on your products selling with pre-orders, it might be a good idea to move forward with a cash advance. This can help with back orders, products that will sell for the holidays, or if you are working to expand your line of products.

2. Growing Infrastructure

If your business …

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Qualifying Difficult To Finance Car Buyers

Sometimes a car buyer may be interested in financing a car with less than optimal credit. At this point, it becomes up to the sales department and the financing department to figure out whether they can potentially make the purchase work. Here are some things a sales representative might consider when trying to finance a car buyer who is coming back without approval. Read on to learn more about credit reports for auto dealers

1. Ask Them to Add a Co-Signer

Adding a co-signer is the fastest way to qualify a difficult to finance car buyer. Those who are hesitant may need to know more about the co-signing process. Let them know that though the loan is co-signed they can choose whether or not the car is owned by both parties or a single party. This may make the decision to co-sign easier. 

2. Direct Them to their Credit

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Is Your High-Deductible Health Plan Eligible For A Health Savings Account?

If you have a high-deductible health plan, then you may benefit by combining it with a health savings account. Not only will you be putting away money specifically for your health expenses, it also can act like a retirement account where you can take money out without penalties after age 62. However, though this sounds good, especially when you have a deductible to cover if you have an emergency, not all high-deductible health plans are eligible for this type of savings account. Here are a couple of the main eligibility rules for starting a tax-deductible health savings account.

You must have a high deductible plan:

Deductibles in health insurance refer to how much money you have to pay out of pocket before the plan begins to cover you. The minimum amount needed to be considered high-deductible changes every year and depends on whether you are single or have a family. …

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