Four Ways A Cash Advance Can Help Get Your Small Business Off The Ground


Most people think of cash advances as a way for individuals who are having money troubles to pay personal debts such as rent and bills. Cash advances can actually be advantageous for those who are starting out a new small business as well. Here are four reasons a cash advance might be the right option for you to get your small business off the ground. 1. Money for Product Fulfillment

25 May 2016

Qualifying Difficult To Finance Car Buyers


Sometimes a car buyer may be interested in financing a car with less than optimal credit. At this point, it becomes up to the sales department and the financing department to figure out whether they can potentially make the purchase work. Here are some things a sales representative might consider when trying to finance a car buyer who is coming back without approval. Read on to learn more about credit reports for auto dealers.

24 May 2016

Is Your High-Deductible Health Plan Eligible For A Health Savings Account?


If you have a high-deductible health plan, then you may benefit by combining it with a health savings account. Not only will you be putting away money specifically for your health expenses, it also can act like a retirement account where you can take money out without penalties after age 62. However, though this sounds good, especially when you have a deductible to cover if you have an emergency, not all high-deductible health plans are eligible for this type of savings account.

18 May 2016